About Us
Our story begins in 1966 when a fellow named Ed Morton started selling

imported bicycles in Springfield, Missouri.  In 1972 he hired David Thomas

and the two worked together alongside several others until Ed sold The Bike

Shop, Inc. in 1979.  Ed went on to acquire Chicago Cycle Supply Company in

1980 and in 1981 he again hired David, this time to be an outside salesman

traveling in a number of midwestern states.  As the years went by these two

continued in the industry with several companies, Ed with Euroasia Imports

followed by management positions with J&B Importers in Kent, Washington

and then West Chester, Pennsylvania.  David joined sales forces at Cycles

Peugeot USA followed by Service Cycle Supply Company.  Both eventually

went into what could be referred to as semi-retirement until again joining

forces in this venture.  

Being veterans of bicycle business wars on several fronts, the object of this

venture is to keep things as simple as possible.  With absolutely no frills and

below rock bottom prices the two just may be onto something.  Time will tell.  

Also, please note that there are other industry veterans ready to join us.  Their

stories will appear here as soon as our growth allows and that is up to you.  So

do yourself a favor and check our rotating catalog form often.  We're quite

confident you'll be glad you did.  

Sincerely, Ed and David

In an update, David retired December 31st 2013 but remains a consultant.